Chitty Witness Page

My main motivation to start running a witness was to take part in the ongoing discussion about the future of steemit at what I thought was a critical time. 

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My intention was, and still is, to promote a better distribution of rewards without compromising the stability of the network.

J. Chitty

Steem Witness

If you are a new to Delegated proof of stake (DPOS) and you are wondering what a witness is I invite you to read this post, which outlines the importance of the steemit system and how we can all influence the future of the platfrom.

In this sense, my decision to become a witness is as philosophical as it is technical, I would like to represent my voters in the “witness table” and help the steemit founders and developers improve the platform for all its existing and future users. 

I see steemit expanding into different communities and for that we need to promote other languages. I support language tags and I try to always write, read and vote for posts under the #spanish tag. 

I am also a long time supporter of the Venezuelan community on Steemit. It is my believe that Steemit can really make a difference on third world countries. I have carried out Facebook campaigns to attract more venezuelans to, I also delegate SP to the venezuelan voting bot of @provenezuela.

I created a Python-Steem Repository on GitHub, with simple examples of how the Steem Python library can be used to interect with the Blockchain. Feel free to use it, fork it, modify it and contribute with pull-requests.


I delegate most of my Steem Power to projects that help grow the community and promote the use of the Steem blockchain

Witness Node

Bare Metal Server                                                                            
CPU: 8 vCore
RAM: 128 GB
Storage: 240 GB SSD x2
Location: Germany

Seed Node

If you are running your own node, you can connect to my Seed Node by adding this line to your config.ini:
p2p-seed-node =

Vote for Chitty as your witness

Please help me continue providing my services to the Steem Community and vote for me as a witness.

vote_for_witness youraccount chitty true true


If you are a steemian like me and want to share your thoughts on the platform, share your project, or just reach out to me, feel free to drop me a message.